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Reviews for "Cakewalk"

Now that was a good animation.

Adorable animation with a great message. My only complaint would be the rather "choppy" animation, which is understandable considering this is animated by a single dude. Keep it up!

The animation is very nice and the style is great. I like the story, and it definitely didn't go the way I thought it would. It was kinda like The Giving Tree in a way. The puppy eyes were great from both a story and comedic standpoint. Gramma was super cute too. I suppose you could see some false kindness in this world from the beginning. The cake shop owner seemed a bit evil by design. Moral of the story: Swans are evil incarnate. Seriously though, this made me really sad. Overall, it's a great little movie with a nice message that never gets too serious and always remains enjoyable. Music was nice too, sound effects could have maybe been a little bit less slurpy when it comes to the lip-licking, but it was okay.

Sijbren responds:

Thnx for the nice review :D

great work! but now I'm sad :(

Well, that was a rather odd film. Well, an odd cartoon. I think it deserved these awards. Weird how it only won Daily 3rd Place. The best part was probably the animation. It was kind of a weird story.

I did feel sorry for her. I know what it's like to feed ducks. Well, birds in general. It was a very quaint cartoon. I expected cakewalks to be more exciting.