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Reviews for "Crushed In Space"

I love this! The style and colors are great. Not once do you see a face plus it takes place in space yet it's so relatable it hurts. I think it's funny that there are other reviewers (@C) saying the exact opposite, a classic Mark move.

I agree with @timeattack in that if you could do one thing differently would be to add more sound effects.

Keep up the great work

personnotstudying responds:

Thanks, Temariix! I completely agree, on my next film I'll definitely look into sound design more. Thanks for the note! Glad you liked it <3

haha this is wicked. I think if it evolved a little, it could really turn into something special.

This was a delightful vignette. The pacing and voice work were excellent, and the backgrounds and color palette were particularly well done. Fine work!

personnotstudying responds:

Thanks, Joe! :')

nobody got crushed lol

personnotstudying responds:

lol touche

Very charming animation.
You've got a new fan!

personnotstudying responds:

Aww thanks matt! That means a lot <3