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Reviews for "Crushed In Space"

so you can't draw faces either, huh?

good scenes, and sweet shark ships, audio was clear, congrats~

personnotstudying responds:

lol thanks, the helmets were all part of my master plan to not do lip sync haha

First off, The Name was excellent "Crushed In Space" is surely one of my favourite puns and well suited to this context, so good job, So the video itself was pretty entertaining, one of my favourite bits was when the guy said that he had a girlfriend... That was really good, I have one nit-pick though, how are they supposed to eat that pizza with the space suit? other than that the audio seemed a bit messed up to me... But thats fine. I don't know who that green square it but it sure is a humorous presence, I laughed every time it was on screen and I don't even know why, probably because it looks so incredibly derpy.

Great Video Overall. :D

personnotstudying responds:

Anything is possible in space ;) (even drinking water through your helmet). I kinda agree on the audio. There's a lot I still need to learn but for now, I think it communicates just enough.

The green square was originally supposed to be green screened out but I thought it was funny too and kept it haha Thanks for the note!