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Reviews for "Crushed In Space"

This is so well done and charming! I really loved the art/animation style and coloring. The two main actors had some really good moments of chemistry, too. Great great work!!

personnotstudying responds:

Haha thank you! It's funny because at the time, the voice actor for Markus was going through his own breakup so I'm glad the chemistry seemed good

haha this is wicked. I think if it evolved a little, it could really turn into something special.

I love this! The style and colors are great. Not once do you see a face plus it takes place in space yet it's so relatable it hurts. I think it's funny that there are other reviewers (@C) saying the exact opposite, a classic Mark move.

I agree with @timeattack in that if you could do one thing differently would be to add more sound effects.

Keep up the great work

personnotstudying responds:

Thanks, Temariix! I completely agree, on my next film I'll definitely look into sound design more. Thanks for the note! Glad you liked it <3

Dear Personnotstudying

I have to admit, I wasn't expecting much out of this animation at the start. However, it slowly became a wholesome little romp through the relationship those two shared. I have to admit it was rather cute! I'm impressed and would love to see more. I do have a criticism though, the thing stopping this from getting 5 stars from me.

That would be the lack of sound effects throughout the animation. Sure you had music, and notably during that explosion when they bumped shoulders, but the rest of the animation was rather devoid of sound. Besides of course the future funk you had playing (which I did enjoy) A good example of where sound effects could be used, would be at 00:06, I had no idea what was going on, until it panned out to reveal it was CJ cleaning her suit. Maybe add a glass wiping noise to signify whats going on? For another example, at 3:40 you play a glass wiping sound effect, so I am confused why you wouldn't earlier as well?

My last point of crit would have to be the mic volumes and quality. Marks mic is not only worse quality, but sometimes he is noticeably quieter than the rest of the cast. As you may already know, Audacity is great for editing volume and if you aren't already using it, I recommend it for future animations.

Overall, however, the concept, as well as the execution was charming! I can't wait to see what else you will produce in the future. Maybe even a followup of this story? Personally, I found the ending to be sad because I wasn't sure where the relationship was going to end up, seeing as though they were being separated.

For the cuteness, overall wholesome plot, and for the artistic style (which is honestly fabulous) you get 4 stars from me. I am going to give you a follow and I can't wait to see how you improve!

-Warmest regards

p.s. If you ever want some crit you are free to hit me up in the Newgrounds messages. I would love to check out your animations and provide any feedback I can :)

personnotstudying responds:

Thanks timeattack! Ack, yes. Sound design is not my forte but thank you for the crit! There's actually a super low hum and deep bass (to differentiate the studio space and outside space) that I realize that can only be heard in theaters. I totally should've checked the audio levels on my computer beforehand so that's my bad (same goes for Markus's audio). But now I know and will be more prepared on the next film so thanks! Maybe I'll reach out if I need feedback on the next one :)

Really liked the animation and art style, but didn't really get the point of it. It wasn't funny, it didn't feel relatable.. It just sort of felt awkward and pointless. It felt as though the lines were just being spat out on the spot, and it feels like there's a boatload of wasted potential to be had out of this.

Would really like to see more from you though.

personnotstudying responds:

No worries, I know this film isn't meant for everyone. There's definitely a lot I still cringe at or wish I had more time to fix but I'm glad I actually finished it. Thanks for the crit anyway and sticking around to watch it!