Reviews for "Encounter"

Beautiful I absolutely love it. The movement, the color, and the use of music were excellent. An amazing tale of palpable tension and an what could be considered an encounter from both perspectives, all done in less than 5 minutes

HowardWimshurst responds:

thank you Steve!

What an incredible cartoon. The backgrounds and compositing are really great, the sense of movement in the skiing is especially strong and way overshadow the tiny bits of chop here and there (which all feel right where they are anyway and the keys for this are great anyway). The ending just made me go "well, that's probably exactly what I'd do" Plus the little self congratulatory sounds the skier made put a smile on my face. That mysterious hunter was also really nicely designed.

This was amazing!!! I thought it might be Howard Wimshurst before I even saw any credits for it. Reminds me a lot of Adam Phillips early work.

I appreciate that unique art style ya got there!

Wish you all the luck with animation school.