Reviews for "Encounter"


This is pretty great!
I have been directing episodes for a Netflix show this year, and before I was an animator for Nickelodeon and Rick and Morty....
I think you have a lot of potential and dedication!!

A few things I noticed is that you abuse camera movement a little bit too much. Sometimes it is hard to concentrate on something while the camera is moving. Around the minute mark, when the deer runs away, it is kind of unnecesary to move the camera. That way we can focus on the subject a bit better.

The animation looks great for your final year! The action shots are insane! But the subtle acting could use some polish! Some better facial expressions and poses. When the guy is being aimed at his expression is pretty meh.
But aside from that I love it all!

Good job and the best of luck on your career!!

HowardWimshurst responds:

hey thanks for the valuable feedback! I will be working on those points

looks beautiful, good work my friend!

Absolutely stunning in all aspects!!

Absolutely gorgeous man. Been excited about this since you first mentioned it on the channel! the compositing and sound were spot on and the animation was incredible. For some reason, the head turns more than anything just looked great to me and I don't know why haha. Of course the 360 shot as well. Dying to see what you make next! Fair play man.

excellent movie, great story (without the need for words, and its a rare thing to see nowadays...), amazing visuals, great linework, great, flawless FBF animation, and amazing moments, such as the moment when the rich skier-boy encounters the aged, experienced hunter with the ski's...
great face expressions, great posture+anatomy of the heroes, nicely drawn characters+backgrounds, while the movie itself had an equally amazing conclusion as well...

all in all, perfect work, keep it up!