Reviews for "Conjugate"

game had a super creative idea that was well executed and had great music, a cute main character, good voice acting, a sensible progression, levels that were the right kind of challenging, and an incredibly annoying death sequence

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1f1n1ty responds:

yes this was indeed sponsored

Alright, I'm going to try make a long review for once, since I never usually do it.

This game is pretty original, I haven't seen anything like it, which is a good thing to go for while making a new game. Did remind me of The Impossible Game, and that game that took inspiration from the earlier mentioned game, which I shall not name because, well I don't really know, just don't want to say it.
The controls are pretty good, just using four keys in total, and those keys being pretty comfortable to press on a QWERTY keyboard (AZERTY should also be pretty good, others I have no idea about), with the movement of the character also being pretty good (z annoyed me quite a bit though). Also, The song loops pretty well, but it probably good be a little neater (not sure how you'd go around doing that). Additionally, the levels do get progressively harder, which is a good thing for reasons you probably know (basically, keeping the audience interested).
There's a two glitches or bugs that I would improve on and fix, though these are very small, so I won't lower my rating too much over it. Firstly, there seems to be a graphical glitch when the play area shakes, which doesn't look overly neat. Secondly, there seems to be what I believe is a bug, which is when you force the game to 'pause' (which I did by doing Alt+Tab to get to Discord), there is a weird noise that plays, it's very hard to explain. That's all I've managed to notice.
And some things I would add if you plan to develop on this game even more. I would add some more levels, but it's already pretty good since I had one hour of fun playing this, a level editor, to allow others to share their own levels and to allow for even more time being put into playing the game instead of getting bored playing the same levels, maybe a pause menu, an option to make the music quieter, because it's pretty loud for me, a save option in case the game does get bigger, and I would make the trail fade out after you crash, because it simply disappearing doesn't look too appealing.
However, considering this was done in 60 hours, it is very impressive! Good luck with the game jam!

1f1n1ty responds:

Hey Pawel!

Song looping: was my first time coding an adaptive OST, so evidently I had no clue what I was doing :P
Camera shake graphical glitch: would you mind elaborating in a dm
Weird noise: hm, weird, i'll try to replicate it
Level editor: never made one before, it'd be an interesting experiment at the very least
Sharing levels: this probably falls under the category of "learn Newgrounds API in unity"
Pause menu: there was a pause menu in Forward, but EterneFlight made it and i never asked him how it worked :/
Save option: more Newgrounds API, requires cookies, etc etc etc
Trail fade out: Probably a good idea tbh, the trail used to be just solid white so we never thought to add a fade out

Thanks for the input!

very nice new concept

This is a great game with a great concept! And the music is excellent!

1f1n1ty responds:

thanks spad!

10/10 would play agaim