Reviews for "Conjugate"

strange that a two-colour game feels so vibrant. i really love the transition between the two fields as well. not sure i like how you're just thrown into the game with little explanation, even though the player should be able to pick up on what you're supposed to do pretty quickly, so it doesn't hurt too much. it's pretty much straight up arcade, with very little breathing room spared for each new "talent" learned, but that just keeps the pace going and speeding right along.

i do have to say the difficulty does, on occasion, get ramped up from stimulating, provocative, and challenging (what might qualify as "fun") to what amounts to demanding, frustrating, and (translated, "no fun"). there's also the strange matter of the anti-Z sign near the end of the lava stages: it's senseless and confusing. i am surprised by the lack of a level select / save feature for those of us that don't want to try to mop up all the levels in one go. that'd be a pretty long sitting, don'cha think?

lastly, i think the music is awesome. it's perfect for the game. honestly, it sounds like something out of a Mega Man X game. (i know it isn't actually, you know what i mean.) but the tension is just right given the platforming involved. that doesn't mean, however, that it's a great idea to use it for the entirety of the game, particularly one that could take so long. either give the game some extra tunes or i just gotta mute all PC sound, because there is no mute button for the music or in general. i'm just thankful that the game lost focus when i clicked out of window. i don't remember that being a regular feature of Unity games, but if it is, i'm almost glad it's a Unity game this time... (nope, Unity still sucks). ofc, that goes back to the whole progress function again anyway: if it had it, it might not even matter. just something to think about.

1f1n1ty responds:

hey blastvortex! thanks for the thoughts.

on difficulty: we tested the game with a few different people - some spent twenty minutes on the game, some spent forty. no one had really told us that the difficulty was unmanageable, though, just that it was a bit too much for some of them. i think in the future having more testers would help this issue.

anti-Z sign: i'm curious in what way you thought it was senseless and confusing. i put it there because it's the first level where you're intended to switch out of fire mode, so as to give the player a little nudge to realize that.

no save feature: i wish i knew how to save cookies on browsers from a unity game :/ that's something to learn

music gets worn out: that makes sense. this probably comes as a consequence of you spending more time than average beating the game, which is fine.

mute button: this is a great idea, should've thought of that...

Fun game, a bit frustrating in the last levels, but that's what challenging games do to me lol.

Only thing I would add is a level select screen potentially.

this is pretty good

Nice idea, good music, it has potential, needs a better explanation on what to do and it would be nice if you could improve how the objects interact

1f1n1ty responds:

hey thanks for the feedback!

i tried to telegraph all the concepts as best i could, i wonder if you could clarify exactly what was unclear for you so i can do it better next time. i haven't taken any courses in psychology or whatever so maybe i don't really know anything :/

also, yes, hitboxes, turns out getting them right is a lot more complex than i originally thought. need to figure those out next time.

This is an amazing game for its potential, playability, and plot. I just LOVE how it all builds up to be one big masterpiece that I enjoy playing! You know, I wish to see more from you in the future. But in the meantime, please keep up the hard work. I wish you the best of luck. ;)

1f1n1ty responds:

yeah i'll keep trying to make better stuff :)