Reviews for "Surfing the Net"

Did this even count as a cartoon? It was done with puppets as you yourself claim. Whatever, it's still an awesome submission. I know how insane the Metoo hashtag has gotten. I remember someone saying that TV was dying. It's mostly because the stars are all rapists!

The voice was so funny. You know how to create atmosphere. I admit this was too short, but still great. We do want everything here. By everyone too.

Loved it man !
I laughed a LOT when you told Phil to fuck off and Hila stabbed you (I pretty much just described the video)
Can't wait for that video and keep being awesome man !
I am really liking this style

Dude you're killing me. You have funny stuff and a really unique style. Can't wait to see more! :D

Hilarious and seems pretty accurate for how some people try to ride on trends to try getting an audience. The voice-over made me laugh a lot!

Short but pretty funny. I like this animation style you've got going on. My only complaint is that due to all the voice altering and stuff, it's a tiny bit hard to understand. I got it after a couple listens, but still.