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Reviews for "BurgeraX: Scorpion [Drum & Bass]"

Mega Sounds

It's quite catchy and has a nice climax, but I just can't enjoy the song because it's so terribly mixed. Why?

- Bad synths, main lead and almost no sub-bass, eq'ing or sidechaining
- There are only 2 melodies, which are only randomized throughout the song (one of them is straight ripped from Earthquake by Teminite, just like the chord progression)
- Generic and repetitive, the drops sound almost identical to the rest of the song

also I have no feels while listening

Both Earthquake and Scorpion VIP are a CRAP TON better in every aspect. Why do people like this? It's just an overrated and not very original ripoff of Earthquake. The song title doesn't fit the theme. BurgeraX is a cheesy name imo. It just sounds, well, ummmmmmmm, like a BURGER 😂. Glad you changed it by now though.

For everyone reacting angrily on this, at least my review is constructive (and I edited it a lot too). Even BurgeraX admitted himself that his mixing was in fact crap, so I know I'm right.

@DerpDerr If you look at the original release date of Earthquake on YT, it's older than Scorpion. So you're the wrong one. Discussion over.

Also Deception Dive sucks stop talking about that level

High D tier

That is just insaneee