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Reviews for "Stick fight heros 2"

Very cool, but still only 4 stars for not being fully animated.

After this video of heroes slaughtering generic guys maybe do a vs video of heroes fighting each other or in teams.

AshisAnimation responds:

I am still working in part 3....there will be a boss ..who will fight with these guys from part 1 and part 2... i will upload it too.... the work is in progress.... thanks for your comment..and 4 star is enough for a unproffestional animator...i am happy with that ;)

cool very very cool

AshisAnimation responds:

Thanks man

The animation was pretty good and I like the idea. You might wanna use bullet lines for gun-based characters though. Also, it felt like you didn't really use Electron the way you should have (he didn't really do any cool stuff with electricity. This actually felt a lot like a video game, especially the first part, probably became if the sound effects and the fact that enemies feel kind of stiff and when the characters hit them, it feels like there's a sort of pause you see in games when you get combos. Also, you should really credit the person who made the music.

AshisAnimation responds:

Thanks for all this complements ... i am not a proffestional animator thats why i love to hear both positive and negative comments to improve my animation skill.yeah i forgot to gave the creadit to the person who made this music. By the way music was compose by FAT RAT. .... thanks ;)

Wow amazing

love the intense backrounds, And so my Opening Remarks on this are I really liked this, it made for an interesting idea of a flick entry and you made it look nifty so thats a plus on your part and I was glad I had a chance to check this out, and while this was pretty good there may be some ideas to float around yet, But you do have something Extraordinary here and go with it and let it grow. the action infront of all that intense backround was just amazing keep up the good efforts.

Throw in some flashy effects in the action scenes.


AshisAnimation responds:

Thanks man...i am very glad to see that you liked it ... this is the 2nd part.. i already uploaded the 1st part here..you can cheak it too...and in this days i am working on part 3... it will be little different....hope you guys will like it too... anyway .thanks again.. ;)

Less like heroes and more like bullies with special abilities beating up on regular stick-figure people.
Good sequence and animation though!

AshisAnimation responds:

Thankyu :).... i am making 3rd part also...i will upload it too...