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Reviews for "Organic Food : Foamy The Squirrel"

Put in a simple way, yet much thought behind the reasoning.

Thank you Foamy!

surprisingly accurate and well presented.

oh and you gota love all the fake health food too. hiding in amongst the actual good for you foods. "healthy" this, "organic" that, "nature" fill in the blank, but when you look at the ingredients, it's the same shit as the cheep stuff! my highest monthly expense is my flippin' grocery bill!

Yea, if i go to tesco for example a salad is like 4 pounds but a fucking 5 pack of donuts is like 1.10 (even with the sugar tax), you know what, the government wants us to eat shit food to dumb us down and kill us so they can make money,enslave us and sell us fake healthcare ie drugs so that they can continue robbing us and being powerful.

You spoke my mind Foamy!
Don't eat the cupcakes!!!

I agreed everything about healthy foods being expensive and such. I personally just get some fruits from shop here and they're quite cheap and then buy some minced meat from the butcher shop right next to me which is ALSO really cheap. I also buy supplements like vitamin and minerals to keep my body functioning normally and also some brain food like lion's mane mushroom. But I really enjoyed this! This animation just made this hilarious and going straight into the action with no stalling! Great job!