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Reviews for "Organic Food : Foamy The Squirrel"

surprisingly accurate and well presented.

oh and you gota love all the fake health food too. hiding in amongst the actual good for you foods. "healthy" this, "organic" that, "nature" fill in the blank, but when you look at the ingredients, it's the same shit as the cheep stuff! my highest monthly expense is my flippin' grocery bill!

Truth, Foamy the Squirrel 2020!

Sadly, it's all by design, Foamy. It's all by design. Keep the rich healthy, make the poor ill and die sooner.

Good god, my city really does hate organic foods here.
Where are the riots?? Why isn't anyone saying anything about this? Eating healthy is EXPENSIVE!

Anyway, brilliant watch. Foamy never ceases to tell us the right stuff.

Put in a simple way, yet much thought behind the reasoning.

Thank you Foamy!