Reviews for "Cyborgs (In Space)"

Imaginative, uplifting and fun... until that ending! Really kept the tension for a while there. I really like the style in this. Simple, vector-based, but smooth and so full of detail. It really morphs with the music too, and as for the music: it started catchy, and I like the theme (as scary as the cybernetic future is, too) but the autotune... it gets a bit much! I feel like if the song was a bit smoother this would've just been perfect. Animation's really a whole new level.


Dang it, this was so close to being good! There was only one thing that could have been better. The music! I remember the awesome "Less Than Three" video and being hypnotized by its lyrics. This music just wasn't the best. I was still hypnotized by the animation.

It's great enough to love. First time I heard them being referred to as cyborgs. I guess I wasn't paying attention to their true nature. Everything is just so bright and colorful. I'm glad we have great artists like you still here.

Great and smooth keyframe transitions, love your animations :)