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Reviews for "Jar of Pickles"

This is, by far, one of my favorite animations on the site and I have no idea why I feel that way. The opening title card feels very much like Courage the Cowardly Dog while the animation itself feels like Aqua Teen Hunger Force mixed in with Rick and Morty voices. I love all of those shows so maybe this appeals to me because of those reasons.

Also, nice detail with the tan lines being in the shape of a bikini. :D Bonus points because the whole ordeal is insanely quotable. "It's not that funny!" :P

Yeah, that was like totally random, dude. Lol.

Whaaat happened there?! XD I thought this would be about the pickles. Random bird pops up and then eh... then it all ends in red! Love the build-up but wish it would've ended with some kind of clarity!


Jesus H Christ dude this is hilarous! You just gave me something to watch over and over again.

mrjoeyprosser responds:

Thank you so much! I'm overjoyed by how much everyone likes it!

Loved it. Creepy and random. Just my type of comedy :).