Reviews for "Prison of the Clairvoyant"

Very interesting concept and story. The animation and art are great, and the setting is really interesting. The music is good and adds a lot to the experience. Like I said, the setting and the way it's explored, as islands in a sea of nothingness is really interesting. My best theory is that the whole thing is some sort of groundhog day looping dream prison, as indicated by the title. Perhaps even memories are involved. I'm not a huge fan of the ending, because I don't really like the whole "creepy symbol with loud noise" jumpscare thing. I think it would have been better if you either ended it with that fade out you used and then cut straight to the screaming image and had the sound be like it was right before the stickman drawing, all choppy and stuff, but not super loud and in your face. Maybe it could have ramped up, but not like this. I like how in the ending the green thingy turned out to be evil, and that sorta let all the built up tense undertones out. The first time I watched it, I had no idea that the bite itself was bad, but then again, the first time I watched it, I wasn't paying that much attention. Maybe you could have made that a slight bit clearer though, because I'm still not completely sure that's what happened. Your description makes me hope that we'll see more of this story.

KarlSia responds:

Great review! Very interesting theory, and you're hitting it pretty close with your mention of memories. I agree, I could've made things a bit more clearer. Allow me to explain a little; It wasn't my intention for it to be a jump scare, honestly I wasn't even thinking of that word during production, I was just thinking of something to represent the horror and bombardment of the 5 senses the girl will experience if she ever falls asleep, which she desperately avoids, hence the theme of Bad Dream. And its not a creepy symbol, its a stickman thats then turned upside down. Its pretty much the fastest thing I can think of when I have a few hours left before the deadline lol (iTs aRt *sarcasm*). Cut to the girl upside down, and its like saying that she's been thrown into something backwards during her sleep. Into pain, into anguish, that sort of concept. Originally was supposed to animate her waking up all jittery before eventually having a break down after she realized what just happened, but I didn't have the time. But I suppose it can be more interesting this way, considering. And to add a little, I'm not saying whether the green fox is evil or not, but you're on the right track with your suspicions.

Holy crap, this went dark really fast. The animation was amazing it looked nice and sweet until that ending. This contrast results in a big impact for the audience. Great stuff.

Really beautiful work!

Oh, man. She's high af. What was in those berries? lol
Great art, smooth animation, wtf is going on? haha

wow did she ...die for the 2nd time in the middle? almost went to the bad place and came back to the middle? ...forever to suffer either in death or lack of ...better then hell though id imagine <:C