Reviews for "Prison of the Clairvoyant"

Truly a great animation. It looked professional and polished (everything except for the stickman part). And you've left me intrigued... What was all that?

I guess the different locations have a metaphorical meaning or somehow resemble memories of the girl... Her fox guide was very cute and her kindness shows that they have a "good" relationship, but somehow the bite unleashes everything that girl seems to be keeping inside... So many questions!

I'd love to see this fleshed out as you originally intended, perhaps it would be clearer. As it is, it's still great.

Her spiritual guide was remembering her something about her choices and how the paths she followed led her to where she is, in a Planet of the Apes fashion. But the guilt she carried over keeps her from seeing the truth. Maybe someday she will realize her spiritual guide is in fact her prison keeper, and watcher.

Woah, I was genuinely shocked! The urgency of the situation was pretty gripping.

Really beautiful work!

Wow. This looks really nice. The pacing of everything was quite slow, so I think it would have been nice if the recurring walking animation were a bit slower as well. I also thought the girl could have shown a bit more emotion when rubbing the lemon into her cut. Short of that, this is smooth and attractive.

That said, the concept itself doesn't appear to be too original (perhaps I'm misreading it.) So the girl has some kind of ability (or disability) that causes her to see something (which may or may not be real) if she falls asleep. Then she falls asleep. Okay. We don't really get an idea of why anything happens or why it matters.

KarlSia responds:

Thanks! Yeah I agree, the walking bit should've been a tad longer. I did want to animate her agonizing over the pain, but thats one of the many scenes I had to cut out to save time.

Maybe its not too original, but to retort, I'm a firm believer that nothing is purely original anymore. That everything is a copy of a copy of a copy either entirely or partially, whether intended or not. So what matters to me is the execution of the idea. My intention is that nothing is to be explained, and instead for the audience to focus on feeling empathetic, yet slightly disturbed. And hopefully with the combination of that, would drive your imagination and curiosity too.