Reviews for "Prison of the Clairvoyant"

Truly a great animation. It looked professional and polished (everything except for the stickman part). And you've left me intrigued... What was all that?

I guess the different locations have a metaphorical meaning or somehow resemble memories of the girl... Her fox guide was very cute and her kindness shows that they have a "good" relationship, but somehow the bite unleashes everything that girl seems to be keeping inside... So many questions!

I'd love to see this fleshed out as you originally intended, perhaps it would be clearer. As it is, it's still great.

So the plan's to keep a continual story going throughout the themes and jams? That's an interesting idea. I really like this, the clarity and style of the animation in particular, though as for what's really going on here... not so sure about that! If she's wondering around in a dream, or another world, and if only that last phase is the dream, or all of it, and she wakes up first at the end... or: if it's deeper than that. Guess I'll stay tuned! I am intrigued.


This is my (most likely incorrect) theory on what this animation means.

It's a futuristic post-apocalyptic world (considering we didn't see any humans or proper civilization; cities, neighborhoods, etc... Futuristic because of two reasons one being the entire human race is presumably wiped out and we see a space craft) where if you fall asleep you die.

It would explain why the girl has giant eye bags, and why she cut herself and rubbed a open lemon on the wound, it was all a desperate attempt to keep herself awake. It could also explain the green flying (fox/dog?) she has with her. It could be a futuristic genetically modified creature, or my main theory being that it is just a hallucination because of how tired she is.

That's some good animation dog.

Very good stuff. I was riveted and immediately replayed. The art and animation are excelant- I was stunned by the vision of the light through the branches and thought for a moment it was real.
As for what is going on, I have no idea and I suspect that maybe you don't either!
For a while, I could not see where the BAD bit came in, then it became very grim. I suppose I just interpret it as a sequence of dreams, which may or may not have any meaning to her.
My definition of a good story writing includes the idea of making the reader/viewer care and I found that I did. I wanted to hug her and make it all right for her- and stroke the green foxy thing. The sound/music choice is also spot on.
Nothing I would change.