Reviews for "Prison of the Clairvoyant"

the animtation is beutifull but sometimes it make me fell depresive, some scenes are weird or funny and that makes this animation prettier, i think you must keep doign this job.

Wow this is really well made! The backgrounds look beautiful and I loved some of the lighting you used especially with the light coming through the leaves. There wasn't a whole lot of animation but it was still well done, especially the last part where she cut herself which caught me off guard. Seems like you managed to achieve the goal of a "Bad Dream" at the end very well. Overall, this was a great watch!

This is my favorite in the Bad Dream Jam series. It's mostly because of how subtle it is. You set up a pretty basic story. You know how to still be strong with it. It looks like it was about self mutilation. This didn't seem that much about a bad dream as it was based on a bad dream.

I liked that little green guy. It probably could have been a tad longer though. It still gets its message across. I always watch the most noteworthy jam stuff. Well, I watch everything here.

Now this was deep.

This is my (most likely incorrect) theory on what this animation means.

It's a futuristic post-apocalyptic world (considering we didn't see any humans or proper civilization; cities, neighborhoods, etc... Futuristic because of two reasons one being the entire human race is presumably wiped out and we see a space craft) where if you fall asleep you die.

It would explain why the girl has giant eye bags, and why she cut herself and rubbed a open lemon on the wound, it was all a desperate attempt to keep herself awake. It could also explain the green flying (fox/dog?) she has with her. It could be a futuristic genetically modified creature, or my main theory being that it is just a hallucination because of how tired she is.