Reviews for "Prison of the Clairvoyant"

we need more of this


Truly a great animation. It looked professional and polished (everything except for the stickman part). And you've left me intrigued... What was all that?

I guess the different locations have a metaphorical meaning or somehow resemble memories of the girl... Her fox guide was very cute and her kindness shows that they have a "good" relationship, but somehow the bite unleashes everything that girl seems to be keeping inside... So many questions!

I'd love to see this fleshed out as you originally intended, perhaps it would be clearer. As it is, it's still great.

The fact that this only has 296 views is a crime! The animation is so fluid, the use of space sells the ominous vibe, and the weird world this is in is so bizarre and I love it! It was so atmospheric and again the ominous vibe slowly begins to creep in on us as the story progresses, and by the end we're wondering "what was that?" And possibly do the objects and settings in this story symbolize something and is this all a metaphor for something? The kind of endings that make people go into discussions about the meaning, I love, and this really sells it! Lovely Job!

That was legit frightening. The best looking horror short in the jam.

Wow this is really well made! The backgrounds look beautiful and I loved some of the lighting you used especially with the light coming through the leaves. There wasn't a whole lot of animation but it was still well done, especially the last part where she cut herself which caught me off guard. Seems like you managed to achieve the goal of a "Bad Dream" at the end very well. Overall, this was a great watch!