Reviews for "Prison of the Clairvoyant"

This is my favorite in the Bad Dream Jam series. It's mostly because of how subtle it is. You set up a pretty basic story. You know how to still be strong with it. It looks like it was about self mutilation. This didn't seem that much about a bad dream as it was based on a bad dream.

I liked that little green guy. It probably could have been a tad longer though. It still gets its message across. I always watch the most noteworthy jam stuff. Well, I watch everything here.

Really beautiful work!

I loved this little "fun" trip, I loved the emptiness, the eeriness and atmosphere. I was so stoked to see what is gonna happen and then stickman made it all just quite silly

Holy crap, this went dark really fast. The animation was amazing it looked nice and sweet until that ending. This contrast results in a big impact for the audience. Great stuff.

What a trip! It's no wonder she has dark circles under her eyes if that's how it goes. I don't fully understand the world she travels, but I'm guessing it's in her head somehow.

To CaminanteNocturno: I think the fox was biting her to keep her from falling asleep. Note how she rubbed a fresh lemon into a deep cut for as much pain as possible. She looks extremely tired throughout the whole thing so I'd guess she sees that whenever she falls asleep.