Reviews for "Prison of the Clairvoyant"

the animtation is beutifull but sometimes it make me fell depresive, some scenes are weird or funny and that makes this animation prettier, i think you must keep doign this job.

Holy shit, this is fucking beautiful.

I think the message is clear enough for anyone who think 3 dimensionally. Depression, lack of sleep, fear, nightmares, childhood memories, destiny, various area of the mind such as the analytical, the clever, the inner child...

... all parts of the Id.

The clairvoyant, (if such a thing existed) would be a prisoner of their own mind. A prisoner of the past, present, and future. As such the clairvoyant would be unable to slumber, even though they desperately need it, as their fear of the prison of slumber would force them to feel as though they have to take drastic measures to stay awake... like self-mutilation and excrutiating pain.

As aforementioned... the message is plain to see, to those who can see it. :-)

Depression is a heck of a thing. Perhaps one should see a mental health professional if they are seeing and feeling such a way as this.

So the plan's to keep a continual story going throughout the themes and jams? That's an interesting idea. I really like this, the clarity and style of the animation in particular, though as for what's really going on here... not so sure about that! If she's wondering around in a dream, or another world, and if only that last phase is the dream, or all of it, and she wakes up first at the end... or: if it's deeper than that. Guess I'll stay tuned! I am intrigued.


This is incredible! Beautiful to watch and very interesting concept. Amazing job!