Reviews for "Prison of the Clairvoyant"

That shot of the light through the trees is so good. Also the frantic bit with the lemon makes my skin crawl (in a good way). The little fox is really cute and you really captured the sometimes esoteric nature of dreams with some some really great backgrounds too!

I'd love to see your original draft for this because I understand the nightmare that is compromising for jams (the real bad dream i guess) and it definitely feels like you originally wanted it to go further with it. That being said, I think you did great and what you got in the end was great!

That one walking clip was used too many times. The rest was too simple to make it feel like an animation rather than a picture book. The audio was totally out of balance and I had to turn it all the way down at the end because it hurt my ears. 3 stars for trying to be different and while that's good, the rest simply wasn't compelling enough for me.

Her spiritual guide was remembering her something about her choices and how the paths she followed led her to where she is, in a Planet of the Apes fashion. But the guilt she carried over keeps her from seeing the truth. Maybe someday she will realize her spiritual guide is in fact her prison keeper, and watcher.

the animation was really nice put the plot was pretty bleak and generic and something that's been done way to many times at this point

This give me the Shelter vibe .. I don't know why.
Its good btw