Reviews for "Prison of the Clairvoyant"

I dunno. I don't see the appeal of this at all. Animation is honestly pretty basic looking to me.
Reminds me of a lot of anime...slow, not a whole lot happening. Sure it's not like it's BAD, but I still don't see the huge appeal this is getting based on that. The art itself is top-notch though.
Personally I find the destroyed world theme kinda empty too, even if it is apparently in her head. Pretty cool idea but it didn't really wow me too much either. Didn't enjoy the audio in this at all. Droning silence & sudden loud annoying grating crap. I know I'm in the minority here, but none of it really did anything for me. 2.5 for the artwork & obvious animation skill, I just don't think they were put to very good use.

This is my (most likely incorrect) theory on what this animation means.

It's a futuristic post-apocalyptic world (considering we didn't see any humans or proper civilization; cities, neighborhoods, etc... Futuristic because of two reasons one being the entire human race is presumably wiped out and we see a space craft) where if you fall asleep you die.

It would explain why the girl has giant eye bags, and why she cut herself and rubbed a open lemon on the wound, it was all a desperate attempt to keep herself awake. It could also explain the green flying (fox/dog?) she has with her. It could be a futuristic genetically modified creature, or my main theory being that it is just a hallucination because of how tired she is.

The shot of the light through the trees is brilliantly captured.

Good work on this! Animation and story are both facinating to look at.

Really really fucking good