Reviews for "Prison of the Clairvoyant"

Woah, I was genuinely shocked! The urgency of the situation was pretty gripping.

Very good stuff. I was riveted and immediately replayed. The art and animation are excelant- I was stunned by the vision of the light through the branches and thought for a moment it was real.
As for what is going on, I have no idea and I suspect that maybe you don't either!
For a while, I could not see where the BAD bit came in, then it became very grim. I suppose I just interpret it as a sequence of dreams, which may or may not have any meaning to her.
My definition of a good story writing includes the idea of making the reader/viewer care and I found that I did. I wanted to hug her and make it all right for her- and stroke the green foxy thing. The sound/music choice is also spot on.
Nothing I would change.

wow did she ...die for the 2nd time in the middle? almost went to the bad place and came back to the middle? ...forever to suffer either in death or lack of ...better then hell though id imagine <:C

That's some good animation dog.

Oh, man. She's high af. What was in those berries? lol
Great art, smooth animation, wtf is going on? haha