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Reviews for "CIVILIZATOR"

It's a nice CIV game. Science seems to be the key element to progress fast enough, next to money, which you need to buy food.

There is only limited ways of generating food (apart from in the future), so that every round would start with buying enough food, though in the future buying food is expensive and you might run out before being able to remedy that. Also somehow all food is eaten even if you had leftovers, and even if food didn't rot.

Winning wars was as simple as having more soldiers than the other, while gifting the others from time to time to prevent another war. Getting the perfection medal which requires 250k points was easy too as I ended with 47 million points.

War's not broken, you have to have more military per day than the enemy though or they will wear you down. Destroyed eveyone else, by round 80, was stuck in Ancient times for a while since I didn't realise i was missing the temple. At that pont though, the aquaduct was making my population grow so fast I had to spend all my gold on food.

food ratio was +9 to -336 and growing, gold was almost 300k per turn, buying food by the 12 count was tedious as hell, downloaded an auto clicker to cope.

Eventually, i started starving off my population till it was around 150 a day, then I'd buy up a couple thousand food, feed them till it ran out, then starve them back down again.

By industrial age, the numbers for everything were meaningless, What did i care about building a bank fo 2G per whatever population? I had a stockpile of millions.

Solid game, although you quickly end up in a state where all you do is buy food because the food production cannot keep up.

Also the way war works seem really odd, likewise when you hit about -800 food a turn odd things start happening like your display always going to 0 food at every turn over. and that even if you bought 1k food

The game is impossible to win because war is broken AF. You will get war declared on you, and no matter how much military you have over the other person, you lose military every round while the other persons military keeps growing. Eventually you lose, and increasing status with gifts never grants peace.

Was going to rate 3.5 stars, but this problem prevents winning, and is thus a game breaking problem resulting in only 2 stars.

Doesn't appear to work on Firefox1

Blobzone responds:

Strange, im using Firefox myself. Did you activate flashplayer? Otherwise no idea...

Edit: I see you have two Medals now.....so i guess it worked?