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Reviews for "CIVILIZATOR"

Unbelievably fun and entertaining. I have spent too much time on this game- still worth it.

Anyway, I wanted to share some tips with you guys that really helped me finish the game with the Perfect medal, Peacemaker medal, and Wonderful Leader medal.

- ALWAYS go for food. Keep your food WELL above the negative or food required.
- Food is CRITICAL. Food keeps your population happy and alive. The more food you have, the larger your population becomes. The larger it is, the more gold you earn.
- DO NOT START WARS FOR THE PEACE MEDAL. Wars will also greatly damage your civilization no matter your stats. If you wish to start a war, BE PREPARED.
- Military isn't as important- just remember to give gifts to other civilizations who are BELOW 40 Status.
- Ancient Times & Industrialization takes a LONG time, don't worry.
- Science should first be spent on Technology that produces food, THEN gold, THEN the rest such in no particular order.
- USE THE TASKS. Specifically, you will need it for buying 'Food' so that you remain above the negative. When you have enough food, buy 'Celebrations' to boost happiness if it's really low, THEN buy 'Science' for a quick boost.
- CHOOSE 'CAPITALISM' AS A STATE FORM AND STICK WITH IT. This will earn you the most gold, and will only hurt your military, which as I have said above, is not really important.
- The Future GOES FAST. This only took me approx. 8-10 turns. All you need to do is to choose 'Futurism' as a State Form, then use science to get the 'Replicator' Technology, FIRST- this will make it so you won't need to get any more food for the rest of the game.

Overall, keep food and happiness up to the max and you will win the medals.

Not bad.

Jogo foda recomendo

great game ! its strategy or die love it hope to see a more futuristic game using Americans,Germans, Japanese, Mexicans, Chinese, and ... hmm not sure who would be 6th I guess Iraqis?

Fun, though a little broken and exploitable.

culture becomes pointless as you can only build one wonder, so once you build one you just store a ton of it and it sits there for nothing.

Also, an OP strat for this is just to get a high pop as fast as possible, maximise cash per pop, and just buy food, science and eventually you'll have like 10k military in the middle ages and obliterate everyone.

still a fun time-waster as a civ fan myself though.