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Reviews for "CIVILIZATOR"

This is a great game but there is a few glitch.

Awesome game! Keep up the good work.

I like it!

Great game. Love thoughtful games like this. Got to future by round 115 or something, after that it was pure dominance, couldnt spend the money, too abundant and crushed all the other empires. At 130 I just ended turn til the end.

Overall a nice game.

I found one bug, and one point of improvement.

The bug is one everybody already noticed. At one point the food supply will drop to zero without due cause. After that it ends up being zero at the beginning of every turn. This is a nuisance until you can get the infinite food technology up in the future.

Point of improvement. At one point, usually around the year 2000, I end up having the infinite food upgrade and in addition I end up having killed everyone civilisation around me. Shouldn't the game just calculate the final score from there?