Reviews for "CIVILIZATOR"

Entertaining and not terribly complicated (in a good way). It wasn't too challenging, though I didn't actually ever make it to the Future era legitimately. A Civ knockoff, just as the description presents, but a solid one.

However, there is a VERY game-breaking bug which allows the player to go through multiple turns in rapid succession, executed by quickly clicking the end turn button, which skips up to two (?) turns without getting the end turn screen. One of the things this breaks is the diplomacy. Despite having supposedly met all other civs, none ever showed up in the diplomacy tab, and though Brazil did have a declare war button, they had no name/stats. I never bothered to declare war on Brazil (for fear of further breaking the game), and no civ ever declared war on me, which is probably caused by this bug.

Also, it allows the player to go BEYOND the 150 turn limit. I continued playing until I was sent to the game-over screen, which I think was caused by reaching 250k points. I ended up with just over 200 million points, likely because all my outputs were snowballing like crazy so I accumulated points extremely fast. I finished on turn 292 in the year 2434.

Good game, very exploitable bug.

Discovered the civilization USA in the year -100 (aka 100 BC or 100 BCE)
Best relations with that country, never having to give them presents, attempting to slaughter the rest
Type of government Communism

Wasn't able to slaughter one of the armies though, despite having more than thrice the military yet whenever the enemy military would get low in numbers somehow they'd exponential multiply like crazy the next round. Somehow lost fighting them despite a greater than 3x initial advantage. Shenanigans!

Totally historically accurate. :-)

Not really sure what gives you points or what determines "Wonderful Leader" status.

I really love this game! I mean the food thing was a little tedious but that seemed to be the only problem! I ended up getting to the future in the 1950's so I think I might have just created the entire Fallout universe by accident!

Fun game!

I killed everyone in the middle ages.
I just invested into gold per 1K pop per turn, and bought a bunch of food.
Played it again and got a bit less lucky-Everyone suddenly was like "WAAARRRR!" and I died in 3 turns.

All in all, its pretty much as balanced as the official civ games are.

NOTE: I found a bug where if you click fast enough on the "next turn" button, you can move up to 3 turns forward

This is a nice version of a CIV knockoff. The strategy was made easier and less to worry about. It works well if you were curious about the CIV games. There is a major food issue in this game. After a certain age, your food will always be zero. That really hurts the fun, and makes it more difficult. Correct the food bug and this game really improve.

The medals work, and I earned them all.