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Reviews for "CIVILIZATOR"

This is a great game, however when the population gets bigger sometimes I wish to have a buton of "buy all fod your money can" to save some time clicking

i have officially destroyed the celts, sicilia, france, and china in one game.

I got one small problem why does food always is negative does it matter?
Other than that amazing game

Really good game. Just one problem IMHO : diplomacy is way too random, relationship with other civilizations varying without any control from the player - except by buying gifts, wich are so expansive it's a last resort method to avoid / end war.

Nifty game

Very nice and nifty game here, I like this it sort of reminds me of the old "SID MIERS" games it has some good potential to expand on what you had here was very creative and I like that you had some easy to hard medal options, I would love to see you ad new places and new areas to work with, So with this one I cant say that it was Lacking much but if I do find something I will off some suggestions for improvments later in the review, but for now I just want to say you did a pretty good job here there may have been some Lackluster points but like I said thats for later, and for now just keep up the entertaining flash games.

I would love to see you ad new places and new areas to work with