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Reviews for "CIVILIZATOR"

nothing seems to actually do anything except for end turn. I understand how civilization works this is just a really bad knock off.

umm how do you know how much a building costs, or if it has actually been made after you click?

I've got to say, this game has become more and more interesting as I play it. A lot of replay value to figure out what strategy works best for you. Replay value, of course, is what almost every game maker out there hopes for! You get top marks for getting me to play for 3 hours straight without ever being bored, and when done, looking forward to my next playthrough! Bravo!

It's really fun. Usually good games like these are super expensive, but of course, this is free to play, yet unlike other free games like this, it's not weird and complicated. It's super easy to understand, and just overall a blast to play again and again.

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