Reviews for "I Have This Dream..."

I relate to the first part of the video, I constantly have dreams that essentially just emulate video games I've played (too much of, porbably).
Can't relate to that second half though, so I'm gonna have to give a eggsex.exe/10

Actual comment begins:
Really dig this video. The progression of the clip with the narration dictating the events of the characters transformation into an egg is strangely familiar to me. In dreams I always feel like there's this illogical yet natural seeming progression to my person and the environment depending on how the story progresses, and this video weirdly captures that feeling (whether intentional or not).
Also, the animation is smooth and of high quality, the different mesh of styles between the background and the character is pleasing (and reminiscent of Felix Colgrave's animations in some ways?)
It's well made, it's shocking, it's relatable...

Also, egg sex

PS: looking forward to the next FDS, you did a great job directing the last one Kolumbo!

Kolumbo responds:

Not gonna lie, same. I think it's related to the tetris effect?

I'm glad you found some of the elements familiar. Definitely agree on dreams having a natural, yet illogical, flow to them. Most of the time, I realize how off things were after waking up. While dreaming, I take them for granted, no questions asked.

Thanks so much for the review, I'm really happy with what you had to say! The animation is, after all, the point! (also Felix is my favorite animator, so you just bought yourself so much love from me!)

PS: It's coming today! Thanks!

One of the coolest eggs I've ever seen man!

One of my favorite dreams so far! The animations and backgrounds are really well done, and GoodL did a great job delivering his lines. I just pray I won't be having egg sex dreams from now on. :)

Kolumbo responds:

Thanks, pal!

I'm glad the most shocking scene in the end wasn't a jumpscare

Kolumbo responds:

Gotta level that volume. Leave the ear rape to the KK

He sure scrambled her eggs ha ha XD!

Kolumbo responds: