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Reviews for "Glenda, the classiest galaxy tourist - Episode 1"

So, it's kinda obvious that Glenda has a beef with this city. I wonder why. Need a prequel.

Someones ex is a master! I love Glenda!!

Fuck it up, Glenda!

Amazing, great job! I love the pacing, keep it up

SomeonesEx responds:

Thank you!

Interesting vid. Nice concept. Now that I wonder how does that teleport work. Who made it? Who put it there? Why'd she enter the teleport even there's a big sign telling her not to so? :o

The video is a bit slow-paced to me, tho. :P

SomeonesEx responds:

Completely agree, that's also my biggest issue with this episode (the pace).
Working on that for the upcoming ones.

Thanks for the kind words!