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Reviews for "Glenda, the classiest galaxy tourist - Episode 1"

Pretty amazing

So I come across this one its unique and different and those are what I call gem finds and thats exactly what we have here a great gem find in the portal. Wow I have to say that this was pretty amazing work, love the visuals very well detailed and awsome animation.

I hope you make more like this its really good stuff.


I don't often laugh out loud, but dammit you made me do it! Really funny scene with the way you made Glenda's expressions and movements.
I also liked the sound-design. Works great for the overall atmosphere. Makes it even more funny! Great job. I'm looking forward to what situation Glenda gets herself in next!

First episode and already awesome! How can you possibly top this?!

I'm wondering why she doesn't go all the way and just jump through the door already all the while she does that strange stuff... but then again that strange stuff does entertain. XD So random but... presented in a sensible, silly; so creatively deranged way. Awesome work.


Probably going to inflate the watch count. Everytime I think about this I watch again. So all my friends have will or are going to see this.

This is probably the best thing I have seen today. Really awesome with all the small details like the shadows and the clouds for example. Keep on doing what you are doing, it made my day.