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Reviews for "Glenda, the classiest galaxy tourist - Episode 1"

I kinda love this.

holy crap gradma

made me laugh a buncha times!!! lovely

SomeonesEx responds:

Thank you!

I did not expect this AT ALL. The animation is excellent, the whole thing is both fascinating and funny. The no-talking aspect really added something to the comedy and made it feel more serious at the same time. The anticlimactic ending to her jump over the barrier was great, and I like how the whole thing is just her doing a TV show sort of thing but having it turn out way worse and way crazier than one could expect. It really felt like she was a social media star old lady who's just awkwardly causing mayhem without thinking twice about it, somewhat due to the selfie, which was great. You should have had her do one while she was through the door or something, though that probably would have required changing her actions somewhat, so this is good too. It was a blending of two really cool concepts; the door and Glenda herself. The door presented something really cool and I really like the detailed way Glenda's actions carried over into the cityscape, and how not every time she touched the door her hands were visible because the clouds were there. It's also really cool that she ended up standing sideways because her feet were on the ground in the city. That splits-finisher and her floating legs were great as well. So was the dumb way she tried to reach the city with her arms. EVERYTHING about this was wonderful and I hope you make more-not necessarily more Glenda, but just more stuff in general, because I'm not sure if Glenda can recreate the way I felt watching this, because a big factor was the surprise. Then again, if you can come up with something new and interesting for the Classiest Galaxy Tourist, I will gladly watch that and I will surely enjoy it.

SomeonesEx responds:

Thanks a ton for the detailed review! I hope you enjoy what it's about to come (I'm really committed to this show).

This made me really happy.

I was expecting another bland cartoon that tries too hard to be funny, but this is legitimately incredible.

Good stuff, friend.