Reviews for "TheFatRat - Jackpot"

This is a great song, though I would love if there was a version without the voice sound effects. Would that be possible?


unbearably repetitive ear-candy pandering to the lowest common denominator.

It's like if EnV made a song, but while really tired and maybe partially asleep. As in, it really reminds me of EnV (this is good) but lower-key and mellower, with those typical TFR drop sounds, bass, and that one thing where the last part of the melody plays backwards (sort of)-lick.

This is a good thing. I like the chipstep vibe. A lot of songs have too much melody change, but like the good old 8-bit songs it just has the one, and it's really good.

Very energetic! I love it like all your other songs. 5 stars!!! Oh, and what is do be do be do? I've heard people talking about you uploading it soon, i'm guessing it's a new song 乁(◕ᨎ◕)ㄏ