Reviews for "Shorties's Kingdom 2"

Shorties's Kingdom 2... where to start?

Graphics are great as usual.

There's even less storyline than usual. It's ok. It's nice when games have a good storyline, but there's plenty of great games out there with zero narrative.

Nothing new about the core mechanics, as they haven't changed from the previous 'shorties' games. If you liked the previous titles, you're going to enjoy this one too. I personally find them way too simple, and I don't like the fact that the player doesn't have any real decision to make. Playing the game feels pretty much like following a predetermined algorithm, and it leaves very little space to creativity. But that's just my two cents, of course.

1) I saved up all the keys and tickets for the end of the game. I wanted to finish it with the best possible gear. Then I defeated the level 9 boss. And the game ended! Without warning. I couldn't keep playing, and my efforts to save where wasted. Just let me know when the game is about to finish next time, ok?
2) BUG. Items left unused in your inventory will sometimes disappear.

I hope this helps.

Bye, newgrounders! Have a nice day.

myplayyard responds:

thank you, we will check these issues

This is so mediocre it's booring.

I wanted to give a better score,but when the game basically plays itself,you lose points. It is a fun take on the RPG genre and fun art,but when a lot of this is luck,it kind of kills it. It can be fun if you do not expect much.

decent art style but not much gameplay... gets boring really fast

Pretty fun, but not much strategy involved.