Reviews for "Shorties's Kingdom 2"

I wanted to give a better score,but when the game basically plays itself,you lose points. It is a fun take on the RPG genre and fun art,but when a lot of this is luck,it kind of kills it. It can be fun if you do not expect much.

Interesting way of teaching without text, but pretty boring overall. There's not much gameplay, though finding out the correct time to use your special abilities does add some element of strategy. Decent art.

This is so mediocre it's booring.

No strategy, no tactics, no real action, no story or any comments on weapons or enemies - only farming, with even playing the same levels twice. boring

Great game! No story, but who cares? Graphics and sounds are nice, the trading is easy, and the gambling and treasure chest mini-games add variety. Got an hour to kill? This is the game for you!