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Reviews for "Pico Jewel"

Interesting game, definitely addicting. But time restrictions beckons skill, but without leaderboards, or medal supports, there's really no point for it aside from just cutting off the player's fun.

Definitely add powerups to extend time, or bonuses that award time if you manage to string big enough chains.

Great game! I do agree with the others about the lack of time to play this game.
Also, @Ryou02: The program used to create the game is called PICO-8.

Good Pixel Art, Good Gameplay, Decent Music.
Problems: This game Has Only one Mode and Don't have a leaderboard.
Also, Who is Pico? That Girl In The lower right On Game screen?

My Highscore is 2200! Is there any way to get aditional time?

Not bad, but need more time. It sucks to have the fun stop and restart every minute.