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Reviews for "A Dream Come True"

That screeching sound. O_o Yeah I think this'd qualify as a bad dream. And that spider. Yeah. It qualifies. Most definitely. Love the trippy style, and that thing about dreams where you just don't know what's coming next. Unpredictability accomplished. Dream sense.


FlumpyTripod responds:

Thank you.

It definitely has the feel of that odd state of consciousness before one's eyes blink open. I had to smile at that snatch of music near the end, Brumel's 12-part "Gloria"--I sang one of the bass parts of that piece back in college.

Amazing use of color!

FlumpyTripod responds:


I like how the main character is kind of a bystander and is just kinda cool with everything. The way nothing connects together feels just like a real dream and I like some of the jokes like the guy doing the flirty eyebrows at the end and the waiter sliding away. The unconnected smash cuts are pretty nice, it's interesting because we often (at least when remembering them) experience dreams from a 3rd person point of view or through camera angles. The art and animation are good and the artstyle is fitting. The background music is also pretty cool. A pretty good jam entry.

FlumpyTripod responds:

Thank you very much. I was concerned it might be too disconnected and weird for viewers, but it sounds like its working out.

This really has that dreamy quality. Complete with all it's vagueness and strangeness.