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Reviews for "A Life Without Facebook"

Kinda gay with the way the acting and story unfold here and there. Idk. Cringed quite a bit at the drug dealerish meme poster cartoon cutout guy at the end. That being said, the production value on all of this looked really really substantial. You did an absolute bang up job on all the filters? You looked pretty cool surreal throughout, and I actually liked your character a bit and could follow him through the first part pretty comfortably. Mark was cool too, turning him into this sort of dark god figure answering to your heresy only for you to laugh it off the way you did in your vid was pretty entertaining.
All in all, I think you did a great job all around, just some of the writing could be tighter here or there, y'know?

Marc, I'll STFU if you give me the money and I'll keep my mouth shut.

I logged in just to rate this!!! I'll be on the look out for more!!

Great work!!

amazing talent

This was fantastic! I rather have enjoyed your experimental animation in the past, and this one really took it home!

Great job. Please, continue to contribute to this community by making more great content like this!