Reviews for "*Burnin' Love* // ZeRo BaSs"

trUely Ahh Mayy ZinGG

that's some trippy tunes I’m listening to..
So I was spending a lil time on NG since I haven't for a lil while, and went on a hunt for TOP TOP Music, and this made my jaw drop and start Dancing (and it gave it that extra kick and amazing special effect in the game scribble 2)
All Hail King of marvelous music maker!!

Ahhh.. I pity myself for not checking out most your music Much earlier…
let’s make this nice and simple..
YOU are now considered one of the BEST Audio artists on NG… actually lets make that everywhere to me X).
I don’t know how the BEEP BEEEEEEP u make such Craxi (a word me and a friend invented meaning “Amazingly Insanely Unexplainably Genius” (pronounced Cracksee) Sounds into a Pure Awesome Track.
When I first listened to Eternal Flames I was like HOLLLLLLLY SHIAAAAAAAT my mind’s gonna explode due to over dose of AMAAAZINGGGG Music!!!! Dance it off, Dance it OFF!!
Seriously.. listening to your music.. . I just start to feel like things are raving in my ear xD
Keep up the Majestic Tracks coming
I’ll be sure to checka your MuZiK time to time
I Might even start making some music, and since you are damn Good to me, I could ask you for some lessons :O!!

Keep them ZB legendary tracks coming
Now all I need to do is to write a letter to Tom and make him create a vote [6] button and remove the [0][1][2][3] voting buttons for all your tracks
And soon you see all your tracks above 5 ratings, and be like what THE!?? Cool! ;D

All the ratings for this audio is true from my heart too.
this deserves infinite downloads
Heh might not be much, but I was able to raise the rating from 4.43 to 4.44 xD.
Hope I inspired u into making MORE MORE MOREEEEE breathtaking Tracks ^ ^

A fan that will not be forgotten! Heh

ZeRo-BaSs responds:

omg what a killer review^^
you do inspired me unstopable...thank you for your awesome support!!!!

>< owww! love your song *OW*

i squashed a nut listening to this great song, and do you have a yahoo mail account?

i heard this elsewhere before, and this song is so awesome, ZOMGDS!!!

the reason i want to get a yahoo mail for you is so i can try for artwork for your cd cover, im not that great*oww, right nut...* but i do anime okay, if you like anime, if not, i hope you find a good artist!

ZeRo-BaSs responds:

that would be truly awesome! watch my profile for my mail!

This song kicks ASS!

Your stuff just gives me a feeling inside, a good, happy, I WANNA DANCE feeling!

Keep on truckin'!

ZeRo-BaSs responds:

that's the feeling!


This was awesome to listen to. Gets your head bobbing. Keep it up.

Heard it on scribble 2.

When I heard it, I went here, until I found it so then I downloaded it.