Reviews for "*Burnin' Love* // ZeRo BaSs"

5/5 ZOMG

Love you longtime ZeRo!
In 4 years you will be Mr. ZeRo, working at the highest room in the tallest skyscraper, no-one will get in cus the bass is so phat and u wont hear them cus your speakerz will be pumpin' all nite long. ZeRo Corp. tops the charts every year and ZeRo-BaSs deals with threats personally. His garbage chute is full of Fenders and over-worked and out-dated mixing desks. No-one knows how he does it, but ZeRo-BaSs can't be beaten!
Now my hand is like broken, but how many artists have had bad cases of shredded fingertips trying to appreciate their fav artists!?
ZeRo-BaSs #1 4EVA

ZeRo-BaSs responds:

lol thank you GR1P



awesome song dude it kick so much ass it should definatly be on a cd for sale in a store like fye or something rock on and as always keep playing


Omg, for 1.5 yrs, I have tried to find you again, and now, thankfully I find you!! My favorite artist of all time. Thank God I found you....yayz....This is one of my fav's, along with dark matter.


ZeRo-BaSs responds:

Thanks! Im glad ya found me ;)

So theres a married couple...

But all the husband does is sit at the computer all day. his wife tries to get him off but he's wearing headphones, he can't hear her. After five days, he finally gets off to get some cheerios and his wafe asks him why he's been on the computer for almost a week straight. He says:

"I was in a Heaven's Rave with a Hot Desire for an Atomic Trigger with Rave Unlimited near a Raving DarkMoon, holding a Rave Trigger. soon I saw the Lost Ravers with Damaged Dark Matter. I knew I was in the Heaven of Danger, but I took the heart of Sword and the Heart of Rave and Showed them that I was Made of Fire. It was a Violent Storm, but with the Metal Diamonds, I was victorious. but I never forgot about you, my Trippy Trigger."

Haha I made that up in 3 minutes. XD

I love this song!

ZeRo-BaSs responds:

Saroth thanks for the awesome review!

"..but I never forgot about you, my Trippy Trigger." LOL =D

yo. . .

MAKE A CD FOR CHRISTS SAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and im makin this clear that THE CRITIC IS BACK MOTHA F**KA!!!

ZeRo-BaSs responds:

:D ty