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Reviews for "llama"

I want a T-shirt with it on!!!


corsetfetish responds:

maybe in the future.


this scared me... i think i shall have nightmares tonight...
but the art is wonderful, it may not be everyone's cup of tea but there's no denying you have talent!

corsetfetish responds:

thank you very much : ) i hope that llama would save you from your scary nightmares as a hero.

First thing...

...I thought of is Courage the Cowardly dog getting some balls once and for all.

Great submission.

corsetfetish responds:

thanks dude : )

Excellent shading, one complaint.

I rather liked the light gray to medium gray shading, especially in the back. However, when I brought up the full sized image, it seemed a bit pixel-y in the edges. Other than that, I like the overall difference of the piece, as llamas are usually projected as fun loving creatures.

In conclusion, well done.

corsetfetish responds:

As you say, i wanted to reflect the "bad bad" side of lama. other than that- the pixel-y looking was my own opinion because it's going to be a flash game character. thaks : )


far out man

corsetfetish responds:

yup : )