Reviews for "Rotate"

This game is decent for the puzzle genre, the rotating mechanic is a simple one, but is one that many games could take advantage of. The gameplay was very infuriating at times, in a blind playthrough there were over 20 deaths, most of which were due to rotating the wrong way (I do admit that this is my own fault, but after doing this 5 times, I just got irritated whenever I messed up) and other deaths being due to me either not remembering where spikes were or not knowing what was ahead of me.

The story is like the story of portal, you are thrown into an unknown lab, and begin to escape that lab, only real difference here is the presence of the cat and you having no real reason to want to escape. In portal, the player is almost killed, so they try to escape the lab, and in this game, you just decide to escape for no reason. What I'm trying to say here is that the story seems completely rushed, the game's trying to be like portal in its story, but it's going way too fast for me.

The puzzles are very simple, no real thinking has to be put into it except the thought process of "Where do I rotate now?" and once you complete a puzzle, you can just die immediately on spikes in an area that you haven't even seen yet, meaning you can't think before you act, you can't rotate in midair (Which is for exploit preventing reasons I assume) but you can't undo a rotate, which will lead to many irritating deaths. Personally, when playing the game, I felt a whole lot of "How was I supposed to figure that out" and less of "Eureka" and I feel like that's not a good way to feel when playing a puzzle game.

I did like the game, don't get me wrong, but it has many problems I just can't get past.

JoshuaStone responds:

Thanks for playing, this was my first time attempting a game (or story) on this scale. :)

Pretty cool game! I can feel the inspiration from "Shift" ;)

I suggest you add more easier/tutorial levels at the beginning to explain us the mechanics of the game. I didn't know I had to move right after rotating (while falling) in the second level :P

For those struggling with a level, spot all the flat surfaces and try to reach them all, one of them will lead to the right path.
And for those who keep rotating in the wrong way, the gravity will go in the direction the letter is; E is on the right, you'll fall to the right, Q is on the left, you'll fall to the left. These little tricks helped me complete the game ;)

JoshuaStone responds:

Thanks, glad you liked it! :D

is level 11 even possible?

JoshuaStone responds:

Yes, every level has been thoroughly tested! :)

One player created a walkthrough, it may help: https://youtu.be/D-oeoKgZEn4?t=6m44s

Very cool little puzzle platformer. It was actually difficult at times and I really had to stop and think about what I was doing; it wasn't something I could just breeze through like some of the types of games. Cool graphics and simple mechanics are something I appreciate a lot. This is a pretty great submission and I could definitely see myself playing through it again to try to get the other awards. Awesome!

JoshuaStone responds:

Thank you for playing! I'm glad you liked it. :D

is very simple a perfect game

JoshuaStone responds:

Thanks! :D