Reviews for "snackzzle"

so i came into this with that stressed out feeling of knowing that eventually i'll hit a level that's hard enough that i don't want to bang my head against it until i solve it. then suddenly the game was over. i felt genuine relief at that.

This game is probably the best snake-style game I have seen so far. I really wish it was longer. Love the cute stylistic approach.

It's really cool! Although I wish it was longer. I love the mechanics of platformer and snake haha. Maybe you could have made more complicated levels instead of a general game? Either way I loved it.

The game concept is on point. The game played smoothly and the music was cool.

What I really didn't like however was the random aspect. Several levels could only really be figured out by trial and error, or blind luck. The randomness boils down to 2 elements:
* Keys don't tell you which block they remove, so picking the wrong key means game over.
* Teleporters don't tell you which gates are connected, so again there's guesswork in figuring out where your snake goes.

I think your game would improve a lot if you got rid of these 2 mechanics in favor of predictable keys and teleporters. For both, a color code could work where objects that interact with each other have the same color. Especially for the teleporters this makes sense, as people are used to it from other games already. For the keys I don't think it's the optimal solution, but I think it would be a step forward.


Great little game. Well done!