Reviews for "snackzzle"

I think my problem with the game is that these levels aren't.... "puzzles", per se. No ingenuity is tested by the game not revealing what a key does until it's picked up - as soon as you know what the keys do, there's clearly only one solution to any given level. So, the game is more of a trial and error slog. Also, I get that it isn't original to have teleporter exits be the same colour as their entrances, but it is much clearer to the player that way.

Pretty cool graphics. The title screen looks really cool. The puzzles weren't that hard, and hhegame was pretty short. It did require some thinking and the concept was interesting, but there really wasn't that much to it.

I love the concept, graphics, and sound. The only thing I really dislike is the fact that the puzzles are not very challenging.

I loved the simplicity and the outlay, but you should try to put more of a challenge in it or in the games you'll make. ;)

I like the concept, but the only thing that makes it hard is the trial and error thing. It went so far that I was suspicious of trap keys that seemed to be the first ones which even took that factor out of the way. Another point that was unnecessary were the teleporter colours. Memorizing them was just an extra step that took my time in the first teleporter level. Maybe put some more love in the level design. Draw a cat or something, make it interesting, then you wont have to rely on the trial and error thing and wanna be random teleporters.