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Reviews for "Call of Hats: Zombies"

This is a really great game but shot gun double barrel dows not work and thats my goto gun so I was knifing untill wave 5 in order to get to box made it to wave 6 and got up set I only got one good gun from the box then after wards duck .. When you do fix up this game to make it run smooth please add a multiplayer ! with 4 people or a suggestion is YOu can make like 4 games and in each game as you lvl up yo ugain a new set of hates from diffrent countries like it would be cool to have a main guy thats hats lvl up as native or african hats! then in the next game a main charecter who lvls up with asian hats then a nother with furry ears ! as you lvl up and finally this one so you owuld be able to make 4 diffrent games and in the 5th one you can make a charecter selection screen and multiplayer out of those guys!! just a suggestion cause i really loved this game !

Zyg0te responds:

what do you mean when you say the double barrel doesn't work? can i have more details? it would be very helpful!

this is the best game I've played in a week on this website so thank you for your hard work it paid of.

wowy !

Better than Call of Duty: WW2... Oh, wait. Every game is... Still an awesome flash game though! :D

f'kn loved it