Reviews for "If Platformers Were RPGs 3"

This would be a nice idle game, but you don't seem to think of it as one, which causes some problems, like the game pausing when you switch tabs, or the bridge on level four. There are also some other annoyances, such as it not being clear which skill is used for certain obstacles(like the beam under the aforementioned bridge - which, by the way, seems to kill the PC even on success - that's just bad design, in my opinion) and sometimes you die apparently without a skillcheck at all(again near the beginning of the fourth level with three consecutive jumps, and several times later in the same level).

Overall, a nice game(albeit with some annoyances) for the first three levels. The fourth level is just... bad. Haven't gotten to fifth level yet and at this rate I'm not sure I will.

joqlepecheur responds:

Hi there, thank you for playing

If you are not sure which skill is used for what, there is a small green icon that gives the full detail of what is going on: difficulty, skill, and roll.

It is true that you can die sometimes to dire circumstances: falling on an activated beam for instance in level 4.
The goal is to allow you to differentiate a little bit more the 2 playstyles you can adopt: play while eating pizza and accept the 1 in 4 chance, or micro manage as much as you can while understanding the hidden mechanics.
The 2 little bridges in 4th level are present for this purpose, the 1st one prevents you from taking the risk to fall on the beam, the 2nd one saves you if you fail a jump check: none are mandatory.

Thanks for the feedback!

that is all.