Reviews for "64 Bits - Intelligent Life (Pikmin Parody)"

Pretty good. It's a much different art style than I expected, but it's nice to look at. The only gripe I really have is the blue pikmin dying from water, but one could argue there's enemies below the surface. Overall a nice, quick set of jokes that blends well. I kinda hope you'll make this into a series.


Good animation and it captures the spirit of the game. Same charm and stuff. It is quite funny especially if you are familiar with the game and how it could be frustrating if the pikmin do not what you asked them too.

Really well made animation guys!
Even as an animator myself i have no freaking clue how you do those 3D tricks in the 2D animation haha.

Beside the animation quality, i found it very funny like the rest of the 64 bits animation.
But this one also even got a bit touchy in the end and that's what i liked most.
Very well thought out. 5/5

AA rulez